I’d perhaps like to write to you about many things - Seven details from the letters of Vincent Van Gogh

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X : Exene Cervanka, Don Bonebrake, Billy Zoom and Joe Doe, circa 1978 in Search & Destroy n°10.
Photo by Ruby Ray.

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Various Artists — 1970s Algerian Folk and Pop (Sublime Frequencies)


This LP is the Sublime Frequencies label’s third dip into Algeria’s turbulent airwaves. The first was one of the label’s patented radio compilations, and it gave an itchy-fingered survey of the nation’s cultural variety. Spin the dial and you might hit French and Arabic pop, desert music, raï, or film music. The second went deep, exposing the roots of raï, which was a soundtrack for youth rebellion before it got buffed up and turned into export fodder for the world music marketplace. 1970s Algerian Folk and Pop is a companion to 1970s Algerian Proto-Raï Underground, but it casts a much wider net. It shows that the diversity captured on Radio Algeria was not an anomaly, but also expresses a melancholy peculiar to its moment in time.

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Fumo der Rauchgeist (Fumo the Smoke Spirit) by Elfi & Kurt Wendlandt, 1962, via the new blog Red Sails (thanks Dimity)


"hold me now in the coming storm/ bring the north star down.."

dirty three - everything’s fucked (dirty three)
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"it’s gonna be a dark and narrow road/ it’s gonna be a fire.."

tara jane o’neil - the signal, lift (where shine new light)
harold budd - drita (perhaps)
fennesz - liminality (bécs)
symbol - syn cron (online architecture)
le fruit vert - ephemerides (passiflore)
ben frost - nolan (a u…


'A Map Of The Open Country Of A Woman's Heart'

By D. W. Kellogg circa 1833–1842

People in the Boston metroplex….this show will destroy all shows.  I am thinking about driving 5 hours just to be there.  I have the sickness.

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